Unique forms of dress from around the world:

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The fashion industry and the many off-shoot industries of this are global powerhouse and influence around the world. Style and fashion are discussed on everything…

Health & Fitness

How Physical Activity Can Help Reduce Stress

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By this point in human research, you don’t need an article telling you that exercise is good for you. With some caveats (i.e. overextending yourself),…

Reputable Chicago Plastic Surgeon Talks About Her Job

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As a careers advisor I really enjoy talking to people with different professions, to find out more about their job, their experiences and their day-to-day…

Four Ways to Protect Your Wealth

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Becoming wealthy isn’t a destination. It is a process, and that process could take a quick turn in any direction at any time. You could…

Five Common Misconceptions About Freezing Eggs

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Source Five Common Misconceptions About Freezing Eggs Freezing your eggs is one of the smartest decisions you can make if you’re destined to be a…


7 Romantic Experiences in Singapore for Newlyweds

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Whilst Singapore may not strike you as the usual honeymoon paradise, it shouldn’t be overlooked. There are so many wonderfully unique opportunities and experiences you…