Big Boys Do Cry – 5 Ways Modern Men With Mental Health Issues Can Seek Help and Comfort


Although mental health awareness has made so much progress in the last few years, sadly their still remains both a stigma and misunderstanding towards it. Unfortunately, the stigma can seem so much worse among males due to how some people still have preconceptions about how men should be seen as “strong” and therefore not display too much emotion in fear of being stigmatised. So here are 5 ways men can find the help and support that they need to prevent them from suffering in silence when trying to avoid the social stigma.

See your GP

Seeing your GP or family doctor is a good first port of call if you have noticed symptoms of mental illness, such as negative thinking, panic attacks or a general low mood, amongst others. Unfortunately, this is the stage that most often men find the most challenging. It remains hard for many men to admit they have a mental health problem. But realising that your GP will be used to this problem and will not judge you can help with the fear. Your GP can offer support themselves, but should also go through options that you have to find treatment, such as counselling, medication and/or group support.

Try Counselling  

This can be just as terrifying – if not more so – for men as seeing their GP! But after the first couple of sessions the vast majority of people find counselling to be of fantastic benefit and will gradually learn to even enjoy counselling sessions. It’s important to remember that what you say to your counsellor remains strictly-confidential, and remember that they have probably heard your problems numerous times before in different patients. So you have nothing to fear! If you are a man and feel too self-conscious or anxious to book a session, you could get a family member or your GP to book the appointment for you. But probably the most important advice for men is to give the counselling a chance before rejecting it. This usually means giving it 3 or 4 sessions before deciding if it is helpful or not. If it really isn’t helping then you can re-visit your GP and they can suggest other treatments.

Find support at work  

More and more places of work are offering support for employees with mental health problem, as it is realised that many mental health problems caused by work are on the increase, especially for men between 41-59 years of age. It is worth asking your Human Resources team at work for support, since most companies now dedicate a set amount of money towards mental health support. It has the added bonus of providing treatment for free (paid for by the company) and being fully-confidential by law.

Confiding In A Good Friend

If you have a very close friend that you absolutely trust, it is a good idea to confide in them with the understanding that what you discuss is strictly confidential. Perhaps you are even lucky enough to have a good friend that suffers or has suffered from a mental health problem. But regardless, having a friend who can listen to you and offer support when you are at your lowest is an extremely valuable asset. Just remember that it is a two-way street, so even if you feel you are too troubled to ask how they are and listen to some of their problems you should still do it as much as you can anyway. They will really appreciate it, and you will often benefit too by getting the conversation steered away and centred from how bad you feel!Many men seem to prefer discussing their problems with female friends because they see females as being much more sensitive and easily to talk about powerful emotions with. But although this is a hotly contested view of women, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it if you feel you can talk easier with a female friend.    

Telling Your Family

Some men will even find it difficult to talk to their loved ones in their family about mental health problems they are suffering with, because of the “bread-winner” pre-defined gender roles that some men (and women) still cling onto. In this case, it pays to remember that times have changed since these views were held by society! As a man you can express powerful emotions and no one who really cares about you will judge you negatively for it. So, confide in your close family members if you have a good relationship with them. They may need support for themselves when helping you, and luckily many counsellors now specialise in support for family members who are dealing with their husband or boyfriend’s mental health problems.

So as a man finding support these days for a mental health problem is so much easier than it was even 15 years ago. You will find support in most the areas of your life, and slowly but surely you will realise that it’s perfectly okay expressing strong emotions or crying. You are only human, and getting the help you need will help you develop life skills and habits that will make you are a happier person for the rest of your life.

Tips When Purchasing a Consistent Vehicle


When you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you might be wondering how best to pick the most reliable and trustworthy vehicle you can. Nothing is more important than safety on the road and therefore it’s hugely important to make sure that any vehicle you purchase regardless of whether it’s second hand or brand new is up to not just your own level of safety but also your regional standards. After all, it will do you no good to purchase a vehicle that doesn’t do what it says on the tin and ends up costing you more than you wanted to pay from the off. Here are a couple of tips to make purchasing vehicles easy and seamless without compromising quality.

Check The History

If you’re buying secondhand, you will want to have a look at the history record of the vehicle that should be available with purchase if buying from a used car lot. This will include any significant work done on the vehicle as well as a record of any accidents it’s been involved in as well as any other issues it’s had in the past that could cause a problem in the future. This is imperative to have and look over so that you know what potential problems could arise later.

Test Drive

Test driving a car that you’re purchasing is one of the first things you should do. Getting a feel for the vehicle and trying before you buy are important because you don’t want to jump into buying a car you haven’t tried. You may find that it’s not exactly what you expected or you might find that it doesn’t “feel” right for you. Getting an idea of how it handles should be the first thing you do before picking your new vehicle.

Get A Trusted Mechanic To Look It Over

It’s no secret in the mechanic industry that some mechanics are out to take you for a ride in terms of fixing your car and might be “in bed” so to speak with auto salesmen and the like, potentially lying about issues and maintenance on the vehicle to make it so you have to keep returning to get things fixed shortly after you buy it. While new vehicles come with warranties, some previously owned ones may not, so it’s important to take your new car to a trusted mechanic to have a look at it before the paperwork is all official. This is akin to getting a second doctor’s opinion and can save you money and time later if something were to go wrong that you aren’t covered for in the warranty.

In all, it’s hugely important to do your homework when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle. By making sure you have everything in line and organised you will save yourself time and money in the long term, so be sure to make a list of the things you need to get organised before signing on the dotted line.

5 Spiritual Retreat Destinations To Visit in 2018


These days it seems there is a far higher spread of spirituality versus traditional dogmatic religion and this is a great thing. Spirituality allows far more freedom in terms of what and how you practice and often lends itself to borrowing ideas and beliefs from various schools of different theologies which means you can kind of try out a number of things. Spiritual people also tend to travel a lot, looking for that next wildly energetically intense place where they can set down and chill out for a while, and if this sounds like the kind of thing you want to do this year, check out these top five spiritual sites to visit in 2018.

Glastonbury, England

Glastonbury had long been thought of as being the site of the mythical Isle of Avalon. The cathedral here was the site of the burial of King Arthur and his Queen Guinevere which added to the belief of this as being Avalon. With Glastonbury Tor rising up and overlooking the surrounding countryside with two healing springs at its base – one red and one white, it’s easy to see why this is a place of significant spiritual energy. A trip to the White Spring – an enclosed spring with a number of altars for a number of deities is a great way to spend an hour or two. Be sure to visit the Chalice Well, the red spring as well as climb the Tor itself for immense views around the area. This is believed to be the site of Earth’s heart chakra.

Mount Sinai, Egypt

Widely believed to be the site where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God, Mount Sinai is a revered and spiritual place not just for Christians but for Muslims as well as spiritual people who love great sunrises, intense energetic centres and awesome sunsets. Believed by new age practitioners as the location of Earth’s throat chakra, this is a spot where you will experience some truly awesome energy, whatever time of day you’re there. Be sure to visit the Burning Bush, housed in St Catherine’s Monastery at the base of the mountain. Get here by heading to Sharm El Sheik, Nuweibaa or Dahab. From there you can get a taxi or tour easily.

Sedona, Arizona

Known for its interesting red rock formations in the desert, Sedona is also known as being a location of several vortices which bring energy to the area that has attracted numerous seekers and those looking to have a bit of a reset and relax. The vortices of Sedona are believed to be ideal for those looking for healing and transformation and the area attracts so many visitors – perhaps for this very reason – that you can even do Vortex Tours. Of course if this is your kind of thing though, you will know a tour probably isn’t necessarily the best way to find connection here.

Varanasi, India

On the banks of the holy Ganges River in India is the extremely holy city of Varanasi. This has been a site of spiritual pilgrimage for centuries – if not millennia – for those looking to be cleansed and renewed. It is believed that the Ganges can help those seeking to end the continual cycle of reincarnation to pass through to nirvana. This is a site not just for Hindus but also Buddhists and Jains and many come to the funerary ghats here to cremate their loved ones and then spread their ashes in the holy river.

Bosnian Pyramids, Bosnia

A bit of a new one on the spiritual scene, the pyramids of Bosnia are believed to be a hugely energetic place. Many believe these pyramids to set off electromagnetic pulses and beams into outer space and its believed that these pyramids have acted as a beacon for aliens visiting earth. Whether or not this is your thing, you have to admit that pyramids in Bosnia sounds like a pretty cool thing and it continues to attract both those who are curious as well as those who are spiritual and looking for new avenues of energy.

So if you’re looking for a great getaway this year that is sure to recharge your spiritual batteries, look no further than one of these great options. So which will you pick this year? Tell us in the comments below!

How To Improve Your Leadership Skills in Your Business


If you’re in line for a promotion or you’re already a team leader at your place of work then you may be wondering how best to go about really smashing that role and being the best leader you can. It takes a lot to be a team leader, manager or general boss and it isn’t always easy. Here are a couple of great ways to really improve your leadership skills to help yourself be the best leader you can without having to compromise your own values just to achieve it.

Develop Empathy

Okay, this is hugely important in being an effective leader of any kind. You need to be able to identify with your employees (and your peers) in terms of things that are going on in their individual lives that could affect their ability to come into work or to be the best they can. If someone is struggling it is a good idea to identify what exactly they are struggling with because a lot of the time it’s not actually job related at all and could be something in their personal lives that is going south. Knowing how to get down to their level empathetically will help them also develop a real trust in you as a leader and will also foster huge respect and a fiercely loyal employee.

All Employees Are The Same When It Comes To Certain Things

This is something that a lot of people have experience in as employees themselves and I’ll bet if you think back to your own experiences, you will have run into this too – someone on the team always getting to leave early, getting days off for seemingly no reason. This is great if you allow this to happen and there is a reason for it but it can seriously breed contempt across your team. While appreciating that those with kids may need emergency time off for child related issues, know that child-free employees need time off for emergencies too. Not every emergency is child related and they may need to care for a horribly ill pet, parent, sibling or the like. Treat all your employees the same and you will have a great team willing to do what it takes to help you achieve team goals.

Learn To Construct Rather Than Destruct

Building your team up instead of criticising is hugely important when improving your leadership skills as well. Often it’s easy to be negative about a performance or job but it’s much harder to be positive about the things that went right. Many bosses focus on the things that need improving and not on the job well done in other areas of a project. Being a successful leader means being able to identify both areas and adequately foster improvement as well as compliment.

So if you’re looking for great ways to become a more well rounded leader, try developing the skills above and begin to support and foster your team instead of just leading. By being the backbone of the team and constructing it around a leader they can rely on through thick and thin, you will find you develop a team that will help you – and be happy to help you – throughout your career.

4 Green Companies For The Fashionable, Planet-Conscious Male


In recent years the world has had to come up with solutions to problems such as plastic waste and issues linked to climate change. This has forced the next generation to be much more conscious about how we need to change our habits to live in harmony with the planet. But fortunately, there are more and more fashion companies that are becoming eco-friendly, so that at least you know that your clothes will be sourced from sustainable materials and that they will be biodegradable when you eventually throw them away.  So here are 4 companies for the fashion conscious male.

Aventura Clothing

Aventura Clothing was founded in 1965 in the state of Nevada, with the goal of creating a fashion company that had no or very little environmental impact.
It caters both to men and women, with the men’s clothing line including sweaters, shirts and pants made from organic and biodegradable materials such as hemp and a type of organic cotton. The staff are also dedicated eco-warriors who compost at their homes, and they all ride bicycles to the office, so if you are looking for a truly dedicated eco-brand, then Aventura are it!

Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans are specifically catering towards men, and as the clever name suggests, the product line includes organic cotton jeans, as well as jackets, shirts and even a kids line. The special thing about Nedie Jeans is not just that they make everything from organic cotton, but they also pay a fair wage to their workers in countries such as India and Tunisia. Aside from their huge choice of clothing, they also recycle jeans that have worn out as some delightful rugs for your home! Sure, the Nudie Jeans product range is not exactly cheap, but when you take into account that most pairs of jeans will last up to 10 years, it is actually a pretty good deal, especially when you know their workers are being paid a fair wage too.


soleRebels are a really quirky company based out of Ethiopia, founded by the charismatic Bethlehem Alemu, who was inspired by her village’s artwork and craftsmanship growing up as a kid and their ability to craft thrown-away materials such as rubber tires into footwear. So Alemu had the idea to try and turn this into a sustainable company. It worked, and today soleRebels produce some amazing shoe lines that cater to men too. Today soleRebels are the number 1 Ethiopian shoe exporters to North America, and their sustainable business model insures that workers are paid a fair wage and that all the shoes are made from either recycled materials or from organic jute.


Another quirky company, Rapanui’s business model is fully sustainable on virtually every level, with their factory on the Isle of Wight in the UK being powered entirely by wind turbines! Their products for men include flannel shirts, t-shirts, hoodies and even underwear all made from organic cotton.
Even their office works on the sustainability philosophy, with their printers designed to be low-power consuming and even the ink is made me from biodegradable chemicals! The icing on the cake is that all of their products are very affordable, so what more could you really ask for?

So here are 4 eco-fashion companies that prove that being ecologically friendly does not mean you have to limit your fashion selection to tie-dye t-shirts!

Why You Should Take a Sabbatical and Travel The World


Taking a sabbatical from your place of work to go and travel has become a lot more acceptable in recent years then it used to be. Companies tend to view a sabbatical more favourably, acknowledging the fact that employees can learn valuable skills from the experience, such as learning new languages and developing other social skills. So here we will have a look at the 3 key reasons why you should take a sabbatical and travel.

Meeting people that inspire you…

It’s very likely that when you are on the road you will meet other travellers who will naturally inspire you and make you see the possibilities open in your life.
Perhaps it’s someone you meet in your guesthouse who is travelling by motorbike around the world over a few years, or perhaps it’s a couple who are permanently on the road travelling through teaching English or doing online writing work for an income. These types of people will give you a new outlook of the possibilities in your own life and will make you reflect on whether you would like to do something similar, or maybe it will inspire you to change your career path and lifestyle so that you are happier with what you are doing with your life.

You may regret not doing it in the future…

If you have always wanted to travel but have never got around to it, you may well not have the opportunity to do it ever again, and there is nothing worse then getting older and finding yourself cursing yourself and having a heavy burden of regret hanging on your shoulders. No one really knows what life will throw at them in the future, so doing as much as you possibly can to tick off your bucket list in the present is incredibly important to long-term happiness. So if you have always dreamed of seeing Macchu Pichu in Peru, or seeing Lions in Africa, there is no better time than the present. Take your opportunities to travel while you are still young and healthy.

Experiencing the world…

Travelling in vastly different cultures and experiencing problems like poverty and endemic corruption will really teach you some life lessons about how the world really works. And it is often a huge contrast to what we are told in the media and in school. On the other hand, travelling has the habit of making you see just how kind and friendly most people are, even if they live in poverty. In fact, it’s often true that those who have little material possessions and live in poverty are the most friendly and the most charitable people in the world.
It’s very likely that these experiences will make you question more when you return to your own country, which is undoubtedly a good thing!

So here we have 3 key reasons you should travel if you have the opportunity to take a sabbatical. It will genuinely mould you into a much better person, and you will not find yourself regretting that you didn’t do it when you find yourself approaching retirement.


5 People Who Don’t Have a University Degree (But Are Still Balling At Life)


With the cost of college or university degrees rising exponentially in most of the world, some people are beginning to question whether a degree is worth 5 or even 6 figure sums of debt to get into before they are even 25 years old!
Here we shall take a look at 5 people who have go on to be successful and/or happy people without degrees, which may help you with your decision to go to college or university or not!

Richard Branson

Multi-millionaire and founder of the Virgin company, Branson is known for his adventurism such as circumnavigating the globe in a air balloon, as well as his philanthropy. So it may come as a surprise he built his fortune by dropping out of school when he was only 16, and then gradually built his first business selling discounted vinyl LPs to students. Which is a little ironic!     

Quentin Taratino

One of the greatest directors of all-time, Tarantino is known for cult-classic films such as Pulp Fiction and From Dusk Till Dawn during the 1990’s.
However, few people seem to know that he actually dropped out of high school in Los Angeles when he was only 16 years old, and eventually after working a job in a video rental store for 5 years before eventually writing and directing the film that catapulted him to stardom, Reservoir Dogs, in 1992.

Bill Gates

With a current net-worth (January 2018) of 92 billion dollars, Bill Gates – the creator and founder of the Microsoft corporation – is the second richest man in the world, just behind the creator of the Amazon company. Gates made it all the way to the prestigious Harvard University, and despite getting consistently good grades, decided to drop out in 1975. He went on to found Microsoft just a few years later. More so, he has said that he does not regret this decision because he learnt everything he needed to know outside of university, through experience but also making it a point to read a minimum of 50 books a year!

Mark Zuckerberg  

So you may have heard of Facebook, and this is the guy who created it.
Another Harvard University drop-out, Zuckerberg was already a computer science genius in his freshmen year. But he dropped out of University in his sophomore year because he saw the potential of implementing his ideas for Facebook…Needless to say that was a great decision! He is now the 5th richest person in the world, and represents the 2nd Harvard University drop-out here who are one of the top 5 richest people in the world (just behind Bill Gates!). Funnily enough, despite dropping out to create Facebook, he was given an honorary degree in 2017 by Harvard University!

Brad Pitt

One of the greatest actors in the late 20th and early 21st century, Pitt has starred in cult-classics such as Fight Club, as well as more classically-stylised films such as Interview with the Vampire. But Pitt – as it turns out – was only 2 weeks away from graduating a Journalism degree at the University of Missouri. The reasons he has given for this decision are sketchy, with Pitt stating that he just just “was not ready” to commit to jobs like all his fellow graduates were doing. So he just decided to move to Los Angeles after having “moments of epiphany..“, without ever finishing his final 2 credits.
As strange as this seems, you just cannot argue it was a bad decision, considering how successful he has been as an actor.    

So there we have it! We have 3 of the richest men in the world, along with a legendary director and an actor who have all been hugely successful despite never getting a degree. So it is more than possible to achieve great things without going to college or university, with just some luck and more than a little tenacity!

5 Reasons To Start Saving Money When in College


So saving money college may seem daunting at first, because students don’t have the best reputation for being financially responsible! And indeed, no one is saying you have to sacrifice having fun in college just to save some cash for the future. But there are a lot of good reasons to build a decent savings account during your time in college. So here we will explore 5 of them.

Spring Break

Spring Break has been an honoured tradition in North America for decades, as students head south to warmer locations for the Easter break after their mid-term exams for sun, fun and lots of partying. These spring break locations are not just limited to domestic locations such as Florida or California, but increasingly to overseas locations such as Cancun in Mexico, or Caribbean locations such as Jamaica.  So with this in mind, it is a good idea to put some money away earlier in the year during the first semester and then after Christmas so that you can afford to have a really unforgettable spring break. Because college is not just about learning life skills, but is also an opportunity to have fun before entering adulthood!

Field Trips

Going on field trips as part of your degree at college is a very common practice today. It is not only a opportunity to get a taste for the practical aspects of your subject of choice, it can also be  a lot of fun. Although you have to conduct research or learn new skills during a field trip, it can nonetheless be a lot of fun. And more often than not these days, they are conducted in international locations all over the world. Of course, this is going to impact your budget at college, so you really should put some money aside, especially since this might be the only opportunity for some students to experience a completely different culture outside their own country. Make the most of it!

Summer Break

The summer breaks are long if you are a college student, and chances are you will have very little homework to keep you occupied. In fact, summer breaks are increasingly spent doing some travelling overseas for a month or 2, or doing short internships related to students. If you want to do either of these, you really should save earlier in the year as much as possible, even if that means doing some temporary work during the Christmas holidays or for part of the spring break. Because if you find yourself broke come summer time, you will likely have to work the whole summer. Doing smaller but more frequent stints of work makes more sense, especially if you want to backpack for a month around South America or Europe during this time…

Learning to budget

Learning to how to budget for things in college is a reason in itself to start saving money. Learning how to avoid cycles of debt and prioritise spending on the essentials first is key to developing good spending habits in your adult life.
Some students rack up a lot of debt, especially from credit card spending that gets out of control. These are really not the types of bad habits you want to take with you into adulthood, so it’s a great reason to start saving money in college in itself!

Student Loan Repayments

So starting to save money in college is not just beneficial to getting the most out of your years as a student. It is also about saving for your future. Many students are shocked to find that it is tougher to find work straight from college with a degree than they had anticipated. But unfortunately, this is the reality for many graduates, and so it is really important to save some money from college so that you don’t find yourself broke or in debt while trying desperately to land your first job in your chosen career.

So as you can see, saving money in college is not just about putting money aside for the future, because the reasons for saving will also give you a much richer experience during your entire time as a student.     

6 Brain Foods We Should All Be Eating Every Week


So you may be thinking in the new year that you want to go back to school to study. Or perhaps you just want to try and improve output in your work. Whatever the reasons, foods that are good for the brain extend beyond just fish, and vegans and vegetarians will be delighted to know that there are non-animal options out there that they can substitute. So here are 6 brain foods that contain high concentrations of chemicals such as omega-3 fats to keep your brain healthy and your mind sharp!


Starting with the most infamous food that has a long deserved reputation for being great for our brains, fish – specifically oily fish – has loads of those omega-3 fats that are great not only for our brain functions, but are also great for our joints and our heart as an added bonus. Salmon and tuna steaks are two examples of the most tasty ‘oily fish’ around, but sardines and rainbow trout are for the more adventurous fish-lovers.


First it should be mentioned that whole grains such as cereals, brown rice and brown pasta don’t work the same way as omega-3 oils do on our brain. Grains work instead by being a fantastic slow-burning food type that will fuel your brains energy level for a long time, so they are ideal as a source of energy for breakfast. It’s very likely that whole-grains for breakfast will keep you going until lunchtime, so this represents one of the best food types to fuel your brain at breakfast time.


Avocados are a true super fruit when it comes to brain food, and they are a base-ingredient for many well-loved and popular dishes such as Guacamole in Mexican cuisine. Avocados are good for the brain because of the presence of both folic acid and vitamin k, which work in tangent to increase blood flow to the brain (which can prevent tumours or strokes) and improve memory and focus. They also contain Vitamin B and C which is a great bonus.       

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are great way of combating the ageing process on our brains, because they are so rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E combats the cognitive degradation that comes as a natural part of getting older. Thankfully virtually every single nut that you can find in a supermarket is a good source of this essential vitamin, including walnuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and flax seeds.


The second super-fruit on this list, blueberries are widely-touted to be exceptionally good for your brain’s short-memory function, as well as showing some convincing evidence in delaying the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is thought that a chemical that it contains, called anthocyanin, are responsible for this memory-enhancing effect.


Tumeric is a spice and a key ingredient in numerous Indian dishes, but it has been used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine in India for thousands of years.
It has numerous benefits for one’s health, including being a very effective anti-inflammatory, but it is great for the brain too with it increasing your brains oxygen levels, which is essential for keeping your mind sharp and able to memorise information over long periods of time.

So here we have 6 foods that are good for your brain and mind in lots of different ways. Using these foods to build on, creating a varied diet is key to keeping your brain healthy and your mind sharp.


How To Employ Friends and Family (Without Ruining Your Relationship With Them)


In this day and age owning your own business is no longer the things dreams are made of. With so many new avenues available to people to allow them to open their own business and become their own bosses it seems everyone and their dog has some kind of business in almost any genre of work. From table linen hire, executive and virtual assisting, ghostwriting to opening shops, restaurants, garages and other brick and mortar companies, finding staff can be a challenge. So what happens when you get friends and family to work for you, and how can you employ them without worrying about affecting your personal relationship with them? Here are a couple of tips to keep friend and family employment from wrecking your lives outside work.

Keep It Business

Keeping your relationship in the workplace strictly business is important to not just the benefit of your business but to your relationship as well. The last thing that either of you want is to venture into territory where you may need to let that person go because they aren’t pulling their weight due to their belief that “being in with the boss” will get them off the hook on things they need to smarten up with. Not only that, but keeping your relationship in the office/on the job strictly business will set a precedent and help you both find and develop working boundaries that will be of mutual respect and appropriate for working relationships.

Boundaries and Expectations

Speaking of boundaries, it’s important to set both boundaries and expectations on both of your parts so that you both understand what there is to be done, how to do it and how to work together professionally without jeopardising your relationship together. Knowing what the expectations of each person is in regard to your working relationship will help you both maintain professionalism when in the workplace so that you don’t venture into the territory where one person is unhappy with the other, thus putting the relationship in an awkward position.

No Hard Feelings

If something does happen in the sense that you have to let your friend or relative go, it’s important to maintain that there’s no hard feelings and that it’s nothing personal. After all, business is business and when you’re working for yourself it’s even more important that you make it work and sometimes that means needing to let people go if they aren’t performing – and sometimes even if they are, in the cases of perhaps not having the capital to continue employing them.

So if you’re running your own business and you’re considering employing someone you have a pre-existing relationship with, consider these tips for making sure you don’t open a can of relationship worms by doing so. Working with friends and family can be a great experience that can help broaden horizons and create an even better relationship, but only if you’re both able to navigate the potentially muddy waters of being mutually respectful when in the workplace together.